Saturday, January 1, 2011

NEW BLOG GUYS!!! Lifestyle/Crafting/Inspirational blog!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I know I really suck at updating this, but I was at one point trying to get Sweet Peas and Honey Bees off the ground...I'm still doing that though..I've also been hard at work making my costume for Halloween and enjoying fall in general. We're actually having fall here..kind of. It was thundering today, that's a start Southern California.

Here are some photos I've taken recently.

First, some photos I took for a sequel book cover..I sent over about 5, not sure which ones they will use...but I liked these.

Then some shots from the Dog Event at work I had last month. Not really sure if I'm supposed to post these..but they are technically my property and I doubt anyone reads this blog anymore.

And lastly, some shots from my Gabby Bella photoshoot for her upcoming Etsy store.  I was supposed to have a round 2 today, but the rain kind of made it impossible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm still being all quiet. But less angst-filled, to be sure.I've been doing a lot of crafting. It would be more crafting if I had any money to spend right now.

I'm getting the gardening urge once again though. I just need to rip those GEE DEE tomatoes out of the ground and plant my peas!! Also egg project, but not egg-lace project (that was a failure). Very hush hush. Or maybe it will be lame. Who knows.

I did a shoot for Siren 2 yesterday. It feels good to take self portraits again and it always makes me feel good when I take a photo of myself that I am 100 percent proud to display. I stopped taking self portraits about a year and a half ago for a multitude of reasons...Part of that was confidence, part was boredom, part was not feeling creatively nurtured or encouraged.

I'm going to make a Maile-Mannequin out of ductape so I can actually make an Aphrodite dress that fits.

I'm excited for Halloween! I'm going to carve the SHIT out of some pumpkins.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry for not updating for a while. I know all 2 of you reading this are completely heartbroken.

I really have nothing to say right now. I've been spending my days making stuff. Trying to document it with pictures but they're usually shitty and that upsets me. I've recently discovered the wonders of goodwill. I got a picnic basket that I refurbished, an old green glass beer bottle, two round frames and a mason jar. Pleased.

Besides that, I'm just all angst-ridden.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspirational post: Delicious food.

You know why? Because I'm hungry. Why am I hungry? I just ate scrambled egg whites, a bowl of greek yogurt and honey almond granola and some 100 calorie toast with red pepper hummus on it. And milk. I have to have my milk.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

So, I am sitting here listening to Madeleine Peyroux..

Here for your listening pleasure:

and my head is killing me. I never get's just a sharp pain every few minutes. Enough to make me say "Ow." Charming. I assume it's sinus related or I have some kind of brain tumor. Ow.

Speaking of brains, a brain is a funny thing. It's funny how it chooses to selectively remember things from the past. It's funny how the smallest thing, no matter the significance can bring back memories so strong. Memories that try to sway your view of things when your rational mind knows that the memory itself may have been pleasant, but the entire ordeal was not. But what can we do? Hold the memories in our brains, I suppose, and appreciate them for what they are. Memories that will never be repeated. Ow.

Enough of this mushy shit. I hope this tylenol works fast.

I'm taking babysteps towards opening my other blog with Kris. Sweet Peas and Honey Bees. It's going to be a crafty-inspirational-artsy blog full of delightful things paired with an etsy store whenever I get around to making stuff to put in it. I think I'm gonna try to post tutorials once a week for doing crafty things. I've also been getting into the idea of sewing. I am capable of sewing, but I always...tend to wing it. I dislike patterns (not a smart idea)...and pins (though I am starting to appreciate them)..I can't tell whether I'm just lazy or a true ~artist~. I am thinking it's the former...

But I better figure it out because I'm going to be sewing my Halloween costume. I've decided on Aphrodite. Yes, I know it's lame...but I don't need to get a wig or any fancy makeup or order anything online...and I get to make a fancy dress! And wear a flower headdress and I could make a convincing Aphrodite...I don't think I could make a very convincing geisha or Snooki, sorry to say.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wish I had the balls to wear thigh highs. I have a few pairs of thigh high socks, but I always end up feeling trashy when I wear them...and they're socks. I think this fall I'm going to make an honest attempt to wear thigh high stockings and not feel bad about it.